Steve Rowell

Water Castle


"In Wasserschloss (Water Castle), the artist Steve Rowell deals with the landscape in the canton of Grisons and how it has been impacted by hyperefficient, hydro-electric power generation. He follows the course of the water through three valleys: from the Valsertal into the Safiental and into the Domleschg. Mostly filmed with a drone, the work offers the viewer a series of aerial perspectives of rivers, reservoirs, dams, hydropower installations and electrical substations.

The pictures of these built environments are in stark contrast to the sublime beauty of the surrounding landscape. In a world of accelerating political upheaval, threatened ecosystems, and cyber attacks the artist raises the question of potential disruption in a seemingly perfect, independent system, such as that of Switzerland."

- Institute for Land and Environmental Art

HD Video, stereo sound, ca. 20 min
Camera, edit, and sound: Steve Rowell
Location Manager: Jolanda Rechsteiner
Commissioned by Art Safiental 2018
Thanks to Kraftwerke Zervreila AG