Steve Rowell

Shepard Inversion Ghost

Sound composition for Deborah Stratman's film O'er the Land for which I mixed two generated Shepard tones, one ascending, one descending, crossing over (inverting) the two channels (left and right). Shepard Tones create auditory illusions. Additionally, the effect on the listener can be both visceral and psychological, creating simultaneous, conflicting sensations of anxiety, disorientation, and peacefulness. In specific situations, at high volumes, these tones can overwhelm one's senses.

Listen for the composition behind the narration, gradually fading up at the 2 minute mark in the clip above. I've used variations of these Shepard tones in other projects, including Gloom & Doom II, Shock & Awe (both with SIMPARCH in 2006), and the four screen installation of the Ultimate High Ground at the John Hansard Gallery in 2009.

Sound composition for Deborah Stratman's film O'er The Land
2009, 16 mm film, 51:40 minutes

Camera, Edit, Sound Design: Deborah Stratman
Music: Maryane Amacher, Kevin Drumm, Steve Rowell, Lustmord
Sound Mix: Jacob Ross