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Lost Prairie Valley

Planetary Bayou

Field Guide to Environmental Crime: Houston and the Oil Coast

Dead Zones

Extinction Simulation Landscapes

Lunar Mosaics

MacDowell Trilogy

Humans Lived Here Once

Whole Life Academy

Comfort in Hydrology

Uncanny Sensing, Remote Valleys

Water Castle

Radio Aporee Sound Map

Midstream at Twilight



Forest Threnody

Big Hill Petro-glyphs

Current State

Points of Presence

Brandenburg Series

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Sonic Boom Archive

Johnston Island Saturday Night

Suspension of Disbelief

Quantum Danube


Culpeper Media Bunker

A Doubting World

“... the floors of silent seas”

Background Listening Post

Regional Spatialities

Dark Places

Ultimate High Ground

American Oil Vol. I

Kleine Stücke von Berlin


Playas Townsite

Shepard Inversion Ghost


Shock + Awe

Gloom & Doom / Tactile Air

Routes of Least


Weather Radio

Site: Nonsite: Quartzsite

The Mountain Radio Project

Ballarat: Beneath Sentinel

CLUI Projects

Networked Nation


Urban Crude

CLUI Touchscreen

Texas Oil

Wendover, U.S.A.

CLUI Exhibit Posters

Pavement Paradise

Vacation: Dauphin

Dissipation & Disintegration

Terminal Island

Immersed Remains

Diversions & Dislocations

Emergency State

Loop Feedback Loop

A View into the Pipe

Ground Up

Nellis Range - Revisited

West Coast Points

The Best Dead Mall


Antarctic 1

One Wilshire

Alternate Routes

Proximity Issue

Back to the Bay

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Steve Rowell


Steve Rowell is an educator and research artist who works with photography, moving image, sound, maps, and spatial relations. His practice investigates terrains of perception, nonhuman intelligence, extinction, and technology, exploring the landscape as a site of political imagination. Steve contextualizes the morphology of the built environment with the surrounding medium of Nature, appropriating the methods and tools of the geographer and archaeologist. 

He holds an MFA with Distinction from the University of Oxford and a BA in Studio Art from the University of Texas. 
Awards and honors that Steve has earned include:

He has collaborated with SIMPARCH (Chicago, 2003-2009), The Office of Experiments (London, 2009-present), and The Center for Land Use Interpretation (Los Angeles, 2001-2013). Born in Houston, Steve has been based in Los Angeles, Oxford, Berlin, Washington, D.C., and Chicago over the past twenty years. Currently, he lives in Minneapolis, which is located on the traditional, ancestral, and contemporary lands of the indigenous Dakota and Ojibwe peoples, where he teaches at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. He is the founder of Gegenschein Media, the production company behind his moving image work.

Steve has taught at numerous institutions including:
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
  • ArtCenter College of Design
  • Scripps College
  • University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Kansas City Art Institute
  • University of Minnesota

He has been lecturer, guest artist, and portfolio committee member at numerous institutions including:
  • Northwestern University
  • Corcoran College of Art and Design
  • Newcastle University
  • University College London
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)
  • California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)
  • Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-arc)

Steve's work (collaborative and solo) has been exhibited internationally at a range of galleries and museums, including:
  • New York: The 2006 Whitney Biennial, Apex Art, MoMA PS1, and Storm King
  • Washington, D.C.: The Smithsonian American Art Museum
  • Marfa: Ballroom Marfa
  • Pittsburgh: The Center for PostNatural History
  • Milwaukee: The Institute for Visual Art
  • Chicago: The Museum of Contemporary Art and The Museum of Contemporary Photography
  • San Francisco: Yerba Buena Center for The Arts
  • Los Angeles: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions,
  • China Art Objects Gallery, and California Museum of Photography UC Riverside
  • Istanbul: 3rd Istanbul Design Biennial
  • London: The Barbican Art Centre, the Frieze Art Fair, and The Architecture Foundation
  • Southampton: The John Hansard Gallery
  • Nottingham: Nottingham Contemporary Museum
  • Cornwall: Groundwork 2018
  • Halle an der Saale: Werkleitz 2010 festival
  • Berlin: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst, and Deutsche Bank Kunsthall


Lost Prairie Valley (24 min)
Director, camera, writer, editor, sound

DEAD ZONES (17 min) 
Director, camera, writer, editor, sound
World art exhibition premire, Insurgent Ecologies group show, Antenna, New Orleans, April-May 2023

MacDowell Trilogy (3 min each): RCNWRNear Space Environment, Walden; version 2
Director, camera, writer, editor, sound
Permanent collection: MacDowell Foundation, Peterborough

Comfort in Hydrology (13 min)
Director, camera, writer, editor, sound
Midwest Film Festival, 2022, Nominated Best Sound
World Premiere, Overflow group show, Qarma, Minneapolis, 2021

make the world go away, rain, trail of tears (2 min)
Director, camera, writer, editor, sound

Water Castle (20 min)
Director, camera, writer, editor, sound
World Premiere: Art Safiental 2018, Tenna, Switzerland

Humans Lived Here Once (23 min)
Director, camera, writer, editor, sound
World Premiere, MFA thesis exhibition, Oxford University, 2017

Midstream at Twilight (20 min)
Director, camera, writer, editor, sound
Environmental Impact group show, Hofstra University Museum of Art, 2019
European premiere Stormy Weather group show, Museum Arnhem, 2019
NY premiere, Indicators, group show, Storm King Art Center, 2018
MN premiere World of Matter Symposium, University of Minnesota, 2017
World premiere: Petcoke: Dirty Energy exhibition, MOCP, Chicago, 2016

Parallelograms (32 min)
Director, camera, writer, editor, sound
Diagrams of Power, group show, Onomatopee Projects, Eindhoven, 2019
French premiere, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin film festival, 2017
Californian premiere, California Museum of Photography, Riverside, 2017
Dutch premiere, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2016
PA premiere Data Half-lives, group show, University of Pittsburgh, 2016
Swedish premiere, European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, 2016
US premiere, Start Here.Finish Here, group show, Cleveland, 2016
World premiere, transmediale festival, HKW, Berlin, 2016

In the Best of All Possible Worlds (5 min)
Director, camera, writer, editor, sound
CA premiere, Los Angeles Film Forum, The Velaslavasay Panorama, 2015
MI premiere, Trans-Farm, Detroit, 2014
World premiere, Presentism film festival, WhiteSpace, Atlanta, 2014